Trick or Treat!

November 2, 2010

I love Halloween! I took Daisy & Lola to the Pumpkin Grotto to choose the best pumpkins to carve and then we went for a walk in the woods to soak up the gorgeous autumn afternoon sunshine. Gotta make the most of these magical days : )

The girls were busy collecting armfuls of twigs and leaves, but I managed to get some good shots. Here are a few of my faves…

Witches in the woods - crontemporary family photography
Contemporary Family Portrait Photographer
Creative family Portrait Photographer
Contemporary Childrens Photographer
Creative Childrens Photographer
Fairies & Witches - Family Photographer
Creative Kids Portraits

witches in the woods
Halloween Witches


coming soon…

July 3, 2010

I have just spent the last two weekends 2nd shooting for my wonderful friend and photographer Nicki Feltham, and we had so much fun!

I emailed Nicki way back last year to ask her some questions about an album company she was using, and we hit it off straight away! Emails were flying backwards & forwards, and we discovered we had so much in common. We have now become firm friends, visiting each other for days out at the beach or farm with the kids.

When Nicki told me she was expecting her third baby boy (due next week!), she asked me to help her out at a few weddings close to her due date, just incase baby no.3 decided to come early! I didn’t have anything booked, so I jumped at the chance. Drove down to West Sussex & we spent the last few weekends shooting 2 great weddings. It was so much fun working together, and I am looking forward to 2nd shooting two more weddings with Nicki in September.

I am so excited to share the photos with you, but I have to wait until Nicki’s couples have seen them first so it may be a few more weeks yet. But here are a few behind the scenes snaps in the meantime…

A quick portrait of the two of us snagged by Nicki at Natalie + Sarah’s wedding

Nicki caught me in action!

Here’s a quick self portrait I snapped – just because I loved the mirror!

Stay tuned, I will be posting both weddings very soon x

Last weekend I drove to Kent and spent the weekend with my great friends. In between catching up over dinner and watching the kids playing in the garden, we had time to fit in a family photo session. The aim of the shoot was to capture a relaxed group shot of the whole family as a surprise for their parents 40th anniversary in June. The location was a stunning bluebell field literally across the road from where they live. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting – but the weather had other ideas!

As soon as we set out the dark clouds started to roll in, but I remained hopeful seeing clear blue skies in the distance. We started shooting, but within 10 minutes the heavens opened and we were hit by a huge hail storm!! Luckily it passed over quickly, but by this point the kids were freezing cold and not loving my camera. Nevermind…these things happen with kids, and the weather – well thats out of my control!

We decided to head back to the house, and I finally managed to snag the all important group photo once the kids had warmed up : )

Divall Family Portrait
Blubell Woods - family portrait
Family Portrait Photographer
Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Family Portrait Photographer
Lifestyle Photographer - Berkshire & Buckinghamshire
Family Portrait Photographer
Lifestyle Photography - Berks & Bucks
Engagement Portraits - Berks & Bucks
Couples Portraits - Berks & Bucks
Contemporary Family Portrait Photographer
On Location - Family Portraits

Matilda’s mum loved Eva’s storyboard so much, that I designed one for them. These look great printed onto a large canvas and I love the fresh spring colours in this one…
Storyboard Portraits

Newborn Photos – Jenny

January 27, 2010

I am really excited to share these photos from a recent shoot with my niece, Jenny. You may remember the post from my sisters maternity shoot, well Jenny is now nearly 2 months old! I took these when she was just over 4 weeks, but things have been so manic here lately that I haven’t had a chance to post them until now.

Jenny – or Jelly Baby as my girls like to call her, was a natural in front of the camera – following my lens with her gorgeous marble like eyes. She took quite a shine to the squishy, blanket filled basket…and then promptly peed all over the kitchen floor when we tried to get some shots without the nappy! I am sure a little splash back got me on the leg, but hey, she’s my niece so I’ll let her get away with it!

December 12th was a cold, crisp day, but the sun shone down on Catherine & Michael as they became husband & wife.

Their beautiful ceremony took place in the grand surroundings of The Guild Hall, Windsor.
Afterwards, Catherine & Michael made the decision to have some quiet time together, and a chance to have some portraits taken of just the two of them. It was a lovely thing to do – to take time out after the ceremony to just be alone, but also a great opportunity to shoot in a different location. They chose the Eton Rowing Lake as the backdrop, which made for some stunning & dramatic portraits with the heavy skies and friendly swan who decided to join us!

The wedding celebrations took place at the Burnham Conference Centre, where the guests feasted on Sausages & Mash – the ideal comfort food for this chilly December day! I have to say that both Catherine & Michael were troopers in the cold weather & did a brilliant job of looking warm in their photos!

Thank you both for choosing me to document your special day, Catherine – I know you can’t wait to see your pictures, so I will stop rambling – here are some of my faves…

Catherine had the most awesome blingin shoes…

And some gorgeous Vivienne Westwood accessories!

Simply stunning…

The Guild Hall, Windsor…

I hope you have both enjoyed your sneak peek – the rest will follow shortly!
Love Kelly x

Laura – Maternity Session

November 11, 2009

My little sister is only 3 weeks away from her due date, so we took this opportunity to do a quick maternity shoot. Nothing formal, just Laura doing her own thing – flicking through baby books and relaxing with some yoga. Her pregnancy seems to have flown by so fast, I know she will appreciate looking back on these and being able to show them to her daughter when she is older.

It was a gloomy day outside, but I loved the light in the bedroom. The bedside lamps cast a lovely glow and looking at these few shots makes me feel all warm and cosy inside : )

Laura - maternity blog 3
Laura - maternity blog 4
Laura - maternity blog 5
Laura - maternity blog 6
Laura - maternity blog 7
Laura - maternity blog 1
Laura - maternity blog 2
Laura - maternity blog 9

Here is the slideshow of the lovely Plant Family and their fun portrait session…

Plant Family Session

October 28, 2009

I had a great time with this lovely family. We played in the woods, crunched the golden leaves under our feet & made huge leaf piles for Lydia to play in. It was a joy to capture these family memories on such a relaxed shoot. No fuss, just a walk in the woods on an autumn afternoon. Stacey and Daniel looked great in their brightly coloured clothes, and this really made a bold statement and showed off their personalities to a tee. So if you are thinking of having a family portrait, remember…don’t be scared of colour – it works!!

Stacey, Daniel & Lydia – Thank you for a lovely afternoon, I hope you enjoy looking back at these memories…

Plant Family - Blog 1
Plant Family - Blog 2
Plant Family - Blog 3
Plant Family - Blog 4
Plant Family - Blog 5
Plant Family - Blog 6
Plant Family - Blog 7
Plant Family - Blog 8
Plant Family - Blog 9
Plant Family - Blog 10

Baby Eva – Storyboard

September 29, 2009

I love getting the chance to shoot babies & kids – with my camera, I might add!
Recently, my very good friends Petra & Richard asked me to take some portraits of their 6 month old daughter. Here is the storyboard I designed for this little cutie pie’s parents. Look at these expressions, sooo sweet!

eva storyboard - blog

Here are some of my faves from Ami & Neil’s special day, all wrapped up in a little slideshow.

These slideshows come as part of the Wedding Package, they are a lovely way to showcase your wedding photos to family and friends or to simply re-live your day! The DVD comes packaged in it’s own special case, with individually designed front cover and insert booklet (more photos of that to come!).

Ami & Neil – I hope you enjoy your slideshow and a copy will be making it’s way to you very soon!