Bluebells + hail stones!

May 8, 2010

Last weekend I drove to Kent and spent the weekend with my great friends. In between catching up over dinner and watching the kids playing in the garden, we had time to fit in a family photo session. The aim of the shoot was to capture a relaxed group shot of the whole family as a surprise for their parents 40th anniversary in June. The location was a stunning bluebell field literally across the road from where they live. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting – but the weather had other ideas!

As soon as we set out the dark clouds started to roll in, but I remained hopeful seeing clear blue skies in the distance. We started shooting, but within 10 minutes the heavens opened and we were hit by a huge hail storm!! Luckily it passed over quickly, but by this point the kids were freezing cold and not loving my camera. Nevermind…these things happen with kids, and the weather – well thats out of my control!

We decided to head back to the house, and I finally managed to snag the all important group photo once the kids had warmed up : )

Divall Family Portrait
Blubell Woods - family portrait
Family Portrait Photographer
Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Family Portrait Photographer
Lifestyle Photographer - Berkshire & Buckinghamshire
Family Portrait Photographer
Lifestyle Photography - Berks & Bucks
Engagement Portraits - Berks & Bucks
Couples Portraits - Berks & Bucks
Contemporary Family Portrait Photographer
On Location - Family Portraits

Matilda’s mum loved Eva’s storyboard so much, that I designed one for them. These look great printed onto a large canvas and I love the fresh spring colours in this one…
Storyboard Portraits


2 Responses to “Bluebells + hail stones!”

  1. Love these! The colors are absolutely stunning. Wonderful job!

  2. Gorgeous photos Kelly – loving the bright colours and the bluebells. So much light too. Great job :))

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