Plant Family Session

October 28, 2009

I had a great time with this lovely family. We played in the woods, crunched the golden leaves under our feet & made huge leaf piles for Lydia to play in. It was a joy to capture these family memories on such a relaxed shoot. No fuss, just a walk in the woods on an autumn afternoon. Stacey and Daniel looked great in their brightly coloured clothes, and this really made a bold statement and showed off their personalities to a tee. So if you are thinking of having a family portrait, remember…don’t be scared of colour – it works!!

Stacey, Daniel & Lydia – Thank you for a lovely afternoon, I hope you enjoy looking back at these memories…

Plant Family - Blog 1
Plant Family - Blog 2
Plant Family - Blog 3
Plant Family - Blog 4
Plant Family - Blog 5
Plant Family - Blog 6
Plant Family - Blog 7
Plant Family - Blog 8
Plant Family - Blog 9
Plant Family - Blog 10


14 Responses to “Plant Family Session”

  1. These are outstanding photographs. Love the colors.

  2. These are beautiful. I love your processing!

  3. Lovely colours and composition :).

  4. Really nice job on these! You really seem to have captured their personalities well.

  5. This isan aweomse session!! Family must LOVE these

  6. A beautiful series of a gorgeous family… Love the colors!

  7. Sweet Family!!!! Love the colors…and the umbrella pictures. =)

  8. Aw, cute family! I love the kissing one with the umbrella under the trees – a framer for sure!

  9. Lynette J said

    Beautiful family, and great shots. I love the fall colors! And what a gorgeous little girl…love the last one of her.

  10. Shyann said

    Great session… so adorable!! Keep up the good work!

  11. Krista said

    Aww love the picture of Daniel looking at his wife and daughter! The image of where the leaves landing in Stacey’s hair is so cute – great moment!

  12. Cute family! I like your use of props too, the bright colours contrast nicely with the autumnal location.

  13. what a great family – I love the super cute portrait of the wee girl. Beautiful!!

  14. Stacey Plant said

    Thank you ever so much Kelly, we all had such a lovely day. You made it such an enjoyable experience, and the pictures are just amazing……..!!! :o)

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