Ami & Neil – Wedding

September 6, 2009

Recently I had the great pleasure of not only witnessing the marriage of my friends Ami & Neil, but also documenting their special day for them as well.The day kicked off at Ami’s parents with pink champagne, bacon rolls & lots of laughter. The bride was calm and quietly excited as her bridesmaids helped her into her wedding dress and slipped on her shoes.

Shoes, by the way, are a HUGE deal for Ami, she is a shoe-aholic! You will notice that shoes played a major role in the wedding day from the gorgeous diamante heels Ami wore – right down to the ‘shoe inspired’  seating plan. So I know she will appreciate these next few photos…

Ami & Neil - Blog 6

Ami & Neil - Blog 1

Here are a few details. Ami customised the bridesmaids dresses and shoes with these lovely brooches…

Ami & Neil - Blog Details 1

I loved the detailing on Ami’s wedding dress…

Ami & Neil - Blog 2

Ami & Neil - Blog 5

Doesn’t she make a stunning Bride…

Ami & Neil - Blog 4
Neil didn’t look too shabby either!

Ami & Neil - Blog 3
Ami & Neil - Blog 7

Some reception details – notice the shoe theme?

Ami & Neil - Blog 9

Ami & Neil - Blog 8

Ami & Neil, I hope you have had a ball in Koh Samui. Your wedding day was wonderful and I wish you every happiness for your future together as husband and wife.
Love Kelly x


2 Responses to “Ami & Neil – Wedding”

  1. Pete & Mary said

    What lovely photos of Ami & Neil’s fab wedding day.
    Thank you
    Mary & Pete
    (Ami’s parents)

  2. Ami said

    These are fantastic! Thank you so so much for the beautiful pictures , they really bring back the memories of our special day.
    Ami & Neil x
    PS You captured the shoes perfectly! 🙂

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